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Pasta PIG provides all you need to know about Pasta. Here you can find really easy and healthy Pasta Recipes and the best and most useful Pasta Products.

Cooking Pasta is not a science it’s more of an art. We believe recipes are just a guide to give you ideas about different food combinations and new flavors. Recipes do not need to be followed strictly, rather use them as inspiration for you next tasty homemade pasta.

Pasta can be divided into to categories namely dried and fresh which in Italy would be called Pasta Secca and Pasta Fresca. The cooking style is usually with a sauce where the pasta is boiled then added to a sauce, another style is in a soup where the pasta is cooked in the liquid an another popular style is pasta baked in the oven. The variety of meals that you can cook with pasta is unlimited. From a simple Spaghetti to pasta oven baked dishes,  pasta salads and pasta minestrone soups, it’s not only incredibly versatile but in it’s dried form, pasta has the longest shelf life of any other carbohydrate.

Too many people these days have become obsessed with low carbohydrate diets that they cut pasta out from their diets all together. We believe this is the ultimate food-lovers sin and not a sustainable long term plan for healthy eating! You don’t need to eat a kilogram of pasta to enjoy the deliciousness, the diversity and the value for money. Like all foods, if eaten in the right proportion and at the right time  you can make pasta a key part of your diet providing energy, fiber, and satisfied meal times. We’ll inform you, educate you and prove to you that pasta can be a big part of a healthy tasty and easy diet.

Read about the history and origins, the health and nutrition value, and see our Pasta Recipes for inspiration in the kitchen.

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